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Bacteria and common items

From the time that we are kids, we are taught that bacteria and other germs have to be avoided at all costs. Of course, completely avoiding them is next to impossible as we all know, but there are places where there is more bacteria than others. Think about going to a public toilet probably makes you cringe as most people do because of the reputation that public toilets have. One of those reputations is that a public toilet is one of the filthiest, bacteria-ridden places that you can find yourself in. Some people even wash their hands two or three times after having to use a public toilet! Given these facts, you will probably be very surprised to learn that a public toilet is not the filthiest thing that you or other people, in general, come into regular contact with. York County building maintenance can help. Here is a list of common things that have more bacteria than a public toilet:

Elevator buttons

A lot of scientific research has been done concerning bacteria and plenty of it has to do with where bacteria happen to be most prevalent. According to some research results, elevator buttons have as much as 40 times more bacteria than could be found on public toilets! Places such as hotels, restaurants, banks, train stations, airports, and offices were taken into account in these studies. Researchers concluded that elevator buttons contain an average of 313 forming units (CFUs) per square centimeter, whereas public toilet seats contain 8 CFUs. That is an alarming fact that will probably make you want to take the stairs!


The fact that bacteria find people’s phones to be a cozy home should not come as a surprise when you consider the constant use that these devices get while being constantly handled by less than clean hands. You might even be reading this on your smartphone right now! This does not just apply to your smartphone but also to the office phones. How many people constantly use those phones on a daily basis? All of them are unknowingly contributing to and sharing the bacteria and other germs on those phones. Scary, isn’t it?

Computer keyboards

How long has it been since you gave your keyboard at home or at the office a proper cleaning? Depending on the aspects of your job, you might even use your office keyboard more than your cell phone. That alone gives you an idea of how many bacteria and other germs can be found on it. Plus, if other people use it too, then the situation is even worse.

Door Knobs

Think about a typical day in your life and everything that you do. From the time that you get up, to the time do you go back to bed, how many doors do you have to open and close? Every single time that you do so, you have to use the doorknob…the same doorknob that a lot of other people use, especially at the office. Now, if you really want to cringe, think about how many people use the bathroom at work, neglect to wash their hands, then use that door knob again! This is clearly a filthy object that contains more CFUs than we care to imagine!

What You Can DO

One of the most advisable things to do is to keep all these items as clean as you can in order to stop the spread of harmful bacteria and other germs. Of course, when it comes to the office, you have work to do, so hiring a good building maintenance company to help you out with this makes a lot of sense. You can get more information here: http://centralpenncontracting.com/

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