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Your commercial or industrial flooring is one of the most important physical features of your business. In a mercantile enterprise, the floor is the workplace where everything in your firm flows upon. It is the surface upon which all things rely on to move around and also to operate efficiently. Your floor’s condition determines how your business fares on.

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Epoxy Contractors Near You

Central Penn Contracting has been a premier provider of epoxy floors for decades in the Pennsylvania region. Whether it’s a new construction or a repair on the existing one, we have all it takes to deliver high-quality results. Our epoxy flooring options can meet all your business’ needs.

Why Epoxy Floor?

One of the most widely-used and very popular flooring options for industrial and commercial resinous floors is epoxy. This is because of its several benefits over other choices. Here’s what to expect once you install an epoxy floor:

  • A beautiful look
  • A highly durable floor that is resistant to chemical, Ultra-Violet, temperature, and microbe damage. That’s why epoxy floors are an ideal option for industrial applications such as parking decks, airplane hangars, manufacturing plants, and firehouses.
  • Skid-free surface
  • Easy to maintain floor
  • Limitless design options to choose from

Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial floors should not only be appealing but also durable, safe, and sanitary. An epoxy contractor can install a floor that withstands the constant traffic, rolling carts, strict cleaning protocols, and dropped objects associated with these areas.

Our commercial flooring option can meet even the most stringent requirements of your business. We provide a wide range of customized high-performance concrete epoxy coatings to cater to your facility’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a slip-resistant, good-looking, or chemical-resistant floor, we are able to deliver.

As an industrial epoxy contractor, we provide flooring solutions for all industries including hospitals, schools, restaurants, shopping centers, and vet clinics. We work with you to develop a floor that can offer years of dependable use. Call us today to discuss the unique needs of your business and assist you to get the right epoxy flooring.


Quality Garage Epoxy Floors

You can say goodbye to that old, dusty concrete garage floor. As a premier carport epoxy contractor, we deliver top-tier solutions to cater to your unique needs. Whether you are seeking a permanent solution for your residential or commercial garage, we have it.

Our epoxy flooring is an economical way of protecting and upgrading your garage floor. It’s also elegant-looking yet durable enough to last for at least 20 years. Whether you’re a homeowner, mechanic, or hobbyist, you’ll love our garage floor epoxy solution.

We make it easy for you to get a garage floor that meets your style preferences. If you want something clean and bright enough for working on your hobbies, we’ll recommend a light color that’s highly reflective to spot fallen screws easily. If you’re for a colored glass look, then take the metallic option.

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For all your epoxy flooring solutions, call Central Penn Contracting today. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial floor that is durable, versatile, and elegant, we have the expertise and equipment necessary for a perfect job. Call us today for a free quote.

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